About Us

Legend Motorycycles

Fabricated on-siteWe have a passion for engineering excellence and classic motorcycles. We fabricate the vast majority of our parts in-house using aircraft grade aluminium billets.
If your order is for an item that we cannot make ourselves then we’ll undertake a global materials search to locate the best quality parts for your bike. We have access to a range of high end suppliers on all continents.
Our Philosophy

Your bike doesn’t have to be an iconic machine from the  70′s to benefit from our expertise. A reliable commuter that has served you well deserves a treat as well. 
A ‘Legend Motorcycle’ can mean so many things to different people. That’s why if you just want a litre of 2-stroke for your scooter or one of our bespoke parts for a classic bike we’ll do our level best to cater to your needs.
- Dan Groves


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